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Education & Literacy

Our Education and Literacy basket is dedicated to promoting learning and literacy for all ages. Your donation can help fund educational programs, provide learning materials, and support literacy initiatives. By donating, you're helping to create opportunities for learning and personal growth, and contributing to the development of educated, literate communities.

Child's education

Charities We Support: Make a Difference in Education

Room to Read: Room to Read promotes literacy and gender equality in education, building libraries, providing educational resources, and supporting girls' education in low-income communities.

Teach For All: Teach For All recruits and trains talented educators to teach in underserved communities worldwide, striving to provide quality education and equal opportunities for all students.

Pencils of Promise: Pencils of Promise focuses on building schools, training teachers, and providing educational resources to disadvantaged communities, increasing access to quality education.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers free, world-class educational resources and online learning tools, making education accessible to learners of all ages.

Save the Children: Save the Children works globally to ensure children have access to quality education, providing support, resources, and advocating for their rights.

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