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International Relief & Development

Providing Aid to Those Affected by Crises

Our International Relief basket is dedicated to providing aid to those affected by crises worldwide. Your donation can help fund emergency response services, provide food and medical aid, and support long-term recovery efforts. By donating, you're helping to provide crucial support to those most in need during times of crisis.

Realize the transformation ignited by your generosity...

Charities We Support: Make a Difference in International Relief

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières): Delivering emergency medical aid in conflict zones, disaster-stricken areas, and communities lacking access to healthcare.

CARE: Combating poverty and promoting sustainable development, with a focus on empowering women and girls to achieve social and economic equality.

Oxfam: Working to alleviate poverty, fight inequality, and respond to emergencies, while advocating for fairer policies and systems.

Save the Children: Dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world, providing healthcare, education, and protection in emergencies and beyond.

World Vision: Supporting long-term development projects, child sponsorship programs, and disaster response efforts to address the needs of vulnerable communities globally.

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