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Our Process

Unveiling Impactful Non-Profits: Harnessing the Power of Trusted Platforms for Transparent Evaluation

At, we are committed to ensuring that the charities included in our baskets are truly making a significant impact in their respective sectors. We understand the importance of thoughtful analysis and evaluation when it comes to selecting the most effective organizations to support. Here's how we assess charities to ensure their impact:

1. Mission Alignment: We carefully examine the mission and goals of each charity to ensure they align with the causes and issues we prioritize. We seek out organizations that have a clear and focused mission, addressing the root causes of problems and working towards meaningful change.

2. Impact Assessment: We evaluate the effectiveness of a charity's programs and initiatives. We look for evidence-based practices, measurable outcomes, and the ability to create sustainable, long-term impact. Our aim is to support charities that consistently demonstrate results and continuously strive for improvement.

3. Transparency and Accountability: Transparency is a cornerstone of our evaluation process. We review the financial statements, annual reports, and governance practices of each charity. We value organizations that are open and transparent about their impact, expenses, and how they utilize donations. We seek out those that undergo independent evaluations or third-party assessments.

4. Financial Responsibility: We examine the financial health and efficiency of each charity. We assess their financial ratios, such as program expenses versus administrative and fundraising costs, to ensure that funds are allocated effectively. We prioritize charities that demonstrate responsible financial practices and maximize the impact of donor contributions.

5. Track Record and Expertise: We consider the track record and experience of each charity. We look at their history of achievements, expertise in their field, and the partnerships they have established. We value organizations that have demonstrated success and have the necessary skills to make a meaningful difference.

6. Organizational Capacity: We assess the capacity of each charity to achieve its goals. We consider factors such as leadership, staff qualifications, infrastructure, and strategic planning. We believe that well-managed organizations with strong capacity are more likely to deliver sustainable impact.

7. Feedback and Reviews: We actively seek feedback from individuals and communities who have directly benefited from the charity's work. We take into account reviews, testimonials, and independent evaluations to gain insights into their impact and reputation. We value the perspectives of those who have firsthand experience with the charity's programs.

8. Comparative Analysis: We leverage various resources that provide independent evaluations and ratings of charities. We consult platforms such as Charity Navigator, GuideStar, and GiveWell to gather additional information on financial health, transparency, and impact assessments.

By carefully evaluating charities based on these criteria, we ensure that the organizations included in our baskets are not only reputable and transparent but also have a proven track record of delivering meaningful impact. Our goal is to provide our donors with the confidence that their contributions are making a real difference in the world.

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